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God has been so incredibly good to us, but the fact is God is good ALL the time despite the not great things that happen in this world.  It has not been easy often to trust and have faith in the Lord, especially when day after day you step out in faith to trust Him and the results still aren't so great.

We have learned amidst this to continue to live in faith, to step out not knowing nor seeing with our physical eyes, but spiritual eyes.  We have waited quite some time for my husband to get a job and he has been persevering job application, interview, phone call, emails, etc., to get a job for the past 8.5 months.  Once he finally got one, it took almost another 3 weeks for the background check to go through, which at best, it should have taken 2 weeks.  It's not that there was anything wrong, rather, people just taking their time with stuff.

So, our days of financial famine have come to an end and God is bringing us into a land of milk & honey and this time, it will be much sweeter.  We have the knowledge of what it means to live on little, yet we learned how great that little was.  We learned a great deal, especially me.  So, with these learnings and what God is bringing to our table, we must be wise with it.

I am grateful that quite a few months ago, my husband allowed me to tithe.  Though we were not making much, God actually gave us back so much more than what we tithed.  I think when you financially don't have a lot and you give the full tithe, the full 10%, actually, we gave more than the tithe each pay period, that God sees that.  It wasn't out of fear and I remember when my husband gave his blessing, the flood of gratitude that came over no words could express.  Tears come to my eyes now thinking that it truly is a blessing to tithe.

When one is not tithing, in my mind, it's because you are not making any money.  I needed to wait for God to help bring my husband around to allow us to tithe instead of imposing on him my thoughts and beliefs.  It isn't easy.  So, with now much more income coming in, I pray that my husband will continue to be on board with the tithing.

However, I will not fear and just trust that God who brought us this far, will continue to guide and direct us.  Thank you, Jesus!!!

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