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Sorry I haven´t posted anything in awhile.  So much has happened in the past month.  On 28-Feb-2013, I reached my low weight of last year, but now, 18 days later, I am back up again a few pounds because I haven´t been watching my portions and eating too many starchy things as well as sugar.

I saw my dr last week right before my birthday and had labs done at the end of the week before.  My blood sugars are looking great, as well as my BPs, however, the LDL portion of the cholesterol isn´t as good as it should be.  The only exercise I have been doing is walking and the hikes we go on that are sporadic and about weekly.

My dr would like me to do intense exercise, so kicking it up a bit, of at least 30 min. per day, which I will start later this week.  Since my BPs were looking so good, he reduced in half one of the 2 heart meds that I am using.  He says in the next 4 months, I will need to lose another 20 lbs, which is doable if I remain disciplined with not too many slip ups.  That´s about 5 lbs a month.

These past 15 lbs, I have not exercise intensely, which it´s taken me about 2 months to lose this, less.  So, if I minimize the starchy foods and do daily intense HIIT workouts, the 20 lb goal should not be an issue.

My birthday came and went last week.  My DH, kids and I explored a bunch of areas north and east of the Phoenix area, took tons of pics, got some hiking in, and just enjoyed time away from the valley on our day trips.  We saw so much and really enjoyed our time together.  Thank you, God!

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