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All I've been doing the past 2 months is walking several times a week.  It's not much, but it's something.  Things in my life have been pretty complicated and though I have a lot of already planned workouts, I haven't wanted to put my body through all that being sore and what not.  And, I haven't been able to focus enough to even do any of the workouts - from Scott Colby or from Flavia.  I also have Dr. Kareem Samhouri's workouts, too.

In the past month, I've been to court twice and preparing for each time has not been fun but rather stressful.  I have court again after Thanksgiving.  So, probably until after that, it may be just walking.

However, Scott Colby talked to me in May giving me 1 min. workouts.  So, I may just do 1 min. workouts a few times a day to help my metabolism some.  It's not as good as a 20-45 min. HIIT workout, but it's something.

So, there is an endless supply of workouts I can now do.

Ideally in the next 5 weeks, I'd like to get 3 days of walking and at least 2-3 days of four 1-min. workouts/day. 

The past 2+ months my rihgt arm has been hurting and not subsided.  Ugggh.  My eating hasn't been good.  Not enough leafy greens consistently enough.  Need more fibrous veggies and more protein.  Need to eliminate refined sugars, greatly reduce grains. 

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