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Where am I on my workouts?  I'm stinking at this big time.  I haven't done anything in almost 2 weeks.  Will I workout this week?  Not sure.

The weather continues to be miserably hot here and our home is kept in the balmy mid-80s.  I'm already hot and glistening before I begin working out and it makes me less motivated to workout.  Yes, I know I committed to doing 4 weeks of Flavia's Flavilicious workouts.  I've accomplished 1 week's worth in 2 weeks.  It's almost like telling my kids . . . "No, it's the other left."

Have I been a bump on a log?  No, actually I've been super busy with legal stuff, kids' stuff, helping out friends in need, getting back into life group, organizing, kids' school stuff, photography.  I took on this photography project called "100 Strangers" where you attempt to get 100 strangers to let you take pictures of them as a part of this Flickr Group. 

You post 1 picture of the stranger in the Flickr group to share with everyone else.  Through the course of time, your photography should get better.  Not that that has taken a lot of time, as I've only done pictures of 7 photos of strangers.  You do need to ask their permission to take their picture and explain what you're doing.

Yes, in the time of doing some of this, I could've been working out.  Honestly, I just haven't felt like it.

My eating has been yoyo healthy and not healthy.  There are things I cannot share publically, but it's been an emotionally stressful time, so although I haven't been working out, I've been at least attempting to make overall better food choices.

I'm not going to stress out and push myself, because I have some major life stuff going on right now.  It started in May and will at least last through until the end of November, so any healthy choices I make between now & then, they are plusses.  I just need to get through each step of the way, so I will share various tidbits about things I'm learning.

Being super, super sore does add more stress to my life and right now, I really don't need more stress.

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