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Natural Egg White Facial Mask

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As I continue to learn to be a better steward of my finances, I'm learning about ways to do some things better.  Many commercial beauty treatments contain all sorts of nasty chemicals and that is a big concern of mine.  Though I haven't totally gone over to the other side of "green" living, I do think that the things we will or won't do do contribute positively or negatively in the grand scheme of things to our health.

This is not consuming me, nor am I going out hugely to make a big deal out of all this.

I used to have loads of hair products, as well as makeup, beauty stuff.  However, due to financial strains that seem to continue to squeeze us, we have to make do right now with what we have.  It's not in budget to go out and spend $80 on a little jar of eye cream or pay $15-60 on a jar of facial mask stuff. 

One of the books I recently checked out at the local library talked about using just egg whites for a facial mask.  The egg white tightens pores, your skin, helps with acne & blackheads, and helps with oily skin.  Though I have never had an acne or blackhead problem in my life, and my skin is normal, not oily, sometimes my pores seem big and being in my early 40s, it's definitely NOT too early to be concerned with wrinkles and loose skin.

My kids and I eat organic eggs usually several times a week.  The book I read said to just take the egg white remnants in the shells and use this as a mask for your face.  I included the neck because this is often one overlooked area that does wrinkle a lot when we get older.  I just dipped my fingers into the little leftover egg whites and smoothed it all over my face, jawline, and neck and let it sit for about 15-20 min.  Then, I rinse with cool water, and patted dry.  Although, I think maybe warm water would've been better, but I didn't want to sit and wait for the water to get hot for just that little bit.  It didn't make good money sense.

My skin feels very smooth, baby smooth.  I did not put any moisturizer on my face yet, as I haven't taken my shower yet and didn't want to have to reapply, wasting.

Anyway, periodically I will share various tips like these that help save time, money, and reduces our ecological footprint on this earth.  This treatment is like a spa treatment a few times a week.

I'm wondering what will happen to my skin if I do this a few times a week over the next 6 months to a year and continue this thereafter.  Will it be like a natural face lifting technique?  If I do this well into my 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, what will my skin look like?

Then, you can use the egg shells for composting.  They are biodegradable.

I want to share about common every day stuff you have at home (or most people have) and how you can use those things in your beauty treatment, keeping your home clean, or whatever suits my fancy.  Let's be good stewards of the things God has given us, and that includes our possessions.  Everything really is His anyway and He lets us manage things.

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