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Afformations on Wealth

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These were taken from Chapter 5 of Great Little Book of Afformations: Incredibly Simple Question - Amazingly Powerful Results.

  • Why do I always have an abundance of wealth?
  • Why do I teach my children that through God, there is always enough?
  • Why is my credit always so strong and healthy?
  • Why is money no object?
  • Why do I take the right steps to be as financially free as I wish?
  • Why do I have so much worth and value?
  • Why does money come to me so easily?
  • Why are my financial accounts so healthy?
  • Why am I worth having a great positive net worth?
  • Why does my income always far exceed my expenses?
  • Why do I use my life of abundance to greatly enrich the lives of others?
  • Why does God bless me so much for my work?
  • Why do my investments pay off so richly now that I have sound advice?
  • Why is money so magnetized to me?
  • Why do I have permission to be wildly wealthy?
  • Why am I a happy, sharing, caring money magnet?
  • Why do I enjoy the huge benefits I bring to others through my wonderful abundance?
  • Why can I be wonderfully wealthy and deeply spiritual at the same time?
  • Why is money such a wonderful gift to me?
  • Why do I teach my children the fine art of giving and receiving?
  • Why do I trust that God will always provide for me?
  • Why do I thankfully ask and abundantly receive?
  • Why is money, wealth and abundance so attracted to me?
  • Why does money love being with me?
  • Why is it so easy to express my spirituality by being financially abundant?

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