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Afformations on Health

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These were taken from Chapter 4 of Great Little Book of Afformations: Incredibly Simple Question - Amazingly Powerful Results.

  • Why am I so healthy?
  • Why do I take full responsibility for my health?
  • Why are healthy people so magnetically drawn to me?
  • Why do I radiate perfect health and well being?
  • Why does everything in my body operate so perfectly?
  • Why do I love to eat a healthy balanced diet?
  • Why do I take such great care of myself?
  • Why do I enjoy such perfect health of mind, body and spirit every day?
  • Why do I trust God with my health?
  • Why is my body free of disease and stress?
  • Why am I so emotionally healthy?
  • Why do I love my body?
  • Why am I so happy and comfortable in my own skin?
  • Why is my body such a gift?
  • Why do I only see beauty when I look in the mirror?
  • Why do I only treat my body with love, respect and admiration?
  • Why do I accept compliments so easily?
  • Why am I fundamentally so unstoppable?
  • Why do I enjoy peace of mind and fulfillment every day?
  • Why am I so grateful for my healthy lifestyle?
  • Why am I so emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually healthy today and every day of my wonderful life?

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