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Coconut & Organic Products - $10 OFF Order

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I've been buying from Tropical Traditions for many years now and they have really good coconut oil and coconut oil products.  I'll have to admit, I have tapered down what I have bought in the past few years only because I've been cutting costs.  But, even so, I still purchase my skin care products from them.

TODAY and TOMORROW (8/21/14), they have a $10 off with a minimum of $15 order on their site.  You can use the coupon code as many times as you'd like 19814.  For example, you can buy $15 and use the coupon code and then your cost would be $5 plus shipping and handling.  If you're a part of their Healthy Buyer's Club, you can get free shipping.  I would join if that if you plan on purchasing on a frequent basis.

Tropical Traditions makes quality products and I trust them.  I have been using their products for 14 years and really love them.  Give them a try.  If you buy from clicking on my links in this post, they will give me a referral fee and doesn't cost you anything, so, if you plan on buying from them, please use my links.  But, whether you do or not, they have wonderful products and it's not just on coconut stuff, rather also organic meats and other items.  Check them out.

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