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EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique is something I learned a long time ago - May 2001.  At that time, it wasn't as well known but has gained a lot of popularity over the past fives years or so and is now more widely accepted.

As a Christian, I have found this helpful in my walk with God.  However, I think I have many deep seated issues, fears, phobias that hold me back that I could have used EFT to help me deal with these much better.  In some areas, I have, but I would have to admit, that I have not been diligent using this amazing tool.

You can Google how EFT came about and I do know many New Age people are using this tool.  It is just a tool, just like a hammer is a tool, or exercise for your body is a "tool".  In it of itself, it is not evil rather how you use it.

For me, I ask the Lord to give me wisdom on areas of my life that need to be dealt with when using EFT.  God is totally awesome and reveals this to me readily.  However, I know I am often not opened to receiving this feedback from the Lord.  That's where I miss out, because my pride won't allow me to be opened to hearing from God.

One of the people that has helped me a great deal with EFT (aka Tapping) is Brad Yates.  He has a plethora of free videos on YouTube.

Here is a playlist of some of Brad's videos on YouTube. If I have some time time, I will sort through and label some of his videos that I found helpful and put them in my blog.

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